ELIA LAND CONDOS - 4615 Hurontario St Mississauga

ELIA CONDOS - 4615 Hurontario St

Elia Condos

Elia Corporation is planning to build 9 Condo Towers on the corner of Hurontario St and Elia St, centered around some shopping centers at the north end of the emerging downtown in Mississauga, and plans to join the development wave of the street plan ahead of the upcoming Ontario election.

A new community called "Elia Land" will be built near the Mississauga Marketplace, a suburban shopping center in the southeast corner of Ontario and Ellington St, just as many other proposals attempt to replace or reduce the size of the new residential shopping center.

The Elia Condos will be comprised of nine towers. Contemperory Mississauga Square One retail and office space will be combined with these condos.The south and east of the shopping center are being targeted for large-scale injection of new density.

Although they have been empty for a long time, 4615 Ontario, 136 east of Eglinton Avenue, 105 Elia Avenue, 110 Elia Avenue, 55, 35 and 25 Elia Avenue are a piece of land.


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